Class Prophecies


 (Note:  This was typed exactly as it appeared on the original.)

ARLEE ABELS- will run in the 1975 Jr. Olympics.

DAVID AHRENDTS- replaces Huntley on news cast - becomes Ahrendts-Brinkley.

JAMES SCOTT ANDERSON- Wins world's rodeo title for riding charging St. Bernards.

KENTON ANDERSON'S hair will grow so long you won't be able to tell him from his twin.

KIRSTEN KAY ANDERSON will become a great mathematician.

TYLER ANDERSON is  still trying to "Ty" a "ler" to his fishing pole.

PAMELA AYERS finds a job from 9:00 to 9:01 every other Tuesday.

NANCY BAER will be designing clothes for the Bare Look.

STEVEN BEAHM is still working at A.B.C. drugstore as a professional pharmacist.

DENNIS BELLINGER will be a professional football player for the Green Bay Packers.

KATHRYN BENDIX now has 100 cats.

CONNIE BENSON will own her own newspaper.

STEVEN BJORKLUN will follow his father's footsteps as KHS's speech teacher.

RANDY BLESSING invents the no-foam "Root" Beer.

SALLY BLOCHER will own a "Teddy " Bear shop.

CLIFFORD BRAGG isn't a bit concerned about life.

LESLIE BRAGG will be counting her "Blessings".

PATRICIA BRAND will be a brand inspector.

JAMES GREGORY BRANDT - head football coach of the Colorado Women's College.

NINA BRANDT is singing in the Grand 'ol Opera.

REBA BREINER is snowed (snowden) at Mullen!

THOMAS BRENNAN is the green, two-wheeled wonder.

IDA BROWN owns a restaurant of her own.

CAROL BRYANT is a professional car-hop.

MICHAEL BRYSON will be a horse trainer at Johnson's stables.

CRAIG BUDDEN is a demolition driver.

DEBRA BUTZLAFF  is still a world-wide traveler.

SCOTT BYE is still saying "bye-bye" on the radio.

RICKY CAMPBELL is working in Campbell's Barber shop giving crew cuts.

JANE CARLSON is dorm mother of Mantor Hall.

LYNETTE CARLSON is now French.

DEBRA CARSON has both a car and a son.

RANDY CATLIN is in now that computers have been outdated.

ROXAN CERCLE is the head trumpeter in the Dixieland band.

DANIEL CHRISTENSEN is a wresting champ managed by Marlys.

RON CHRISTENSEN won the world's boxing title.

THERESA CLEMENT is head fiddler of the Philharmonic Orchestra.

ROBERT COVERT is an Olympic high-jump winner.

NANCY CURTISS is water boy for Green "Brandt" Packers.

KIMI CUSHING still wonders if she is the "Gal-for-braith".

VERNON DAVIDSON is head of "Hell's Angels".

TOM DEETS has astounded the world with an all "ham" pig.

GAIL DEAN DEYLE is the first Olympic Champion in tennis high hurdles.

JUANITA ''JANIE" DIAZ  is staring as Az in the new show "Dis, Az"

ROBERT DORAN is still considered Casa Nova of 6th grade class.

LAURA DOSEK  has joined the "King" Family.

STEVEN DREHER specializes in "Masonry".

JAMES DRUCKER is the band conductor for Bobby Mills.

SHERYL DUERING has radio program called "Chatty Sheryl".

CHARLENE DUFFY is specialist in keeping the "Hart-well".

KENNETH DUSTIN is head carry-out boy at Unimart.

JAMES ELLENWOOD still looking for KGFW buried treasure.

GARY EPP won award for fastest sacker in Unimart history.

MARK ERICKSON just won the Bob Hope golf tournament.

PAMELA EVANS received secretarial tardy awards.

JEFFREY FERN becomes a famous ballerina.

RICHARD FISHER will be a fisherman.

SAM FORNEY out shoots Billy the Kid.

RANDALL FOX nominated as most friendly butcher.

NANCY FREBURG is now world's famous pianist.

STEVEN FRICK has just carved the door to the White House.

LYNETTE FRITZ will have more than one Jr. to take care of.

HARRY GALBRAITH thrown in jail for his caricature of Richard Nixon.

THOMAS GALLAGHER poet Laureate for Berkley.

MICHAEL GEIGER has developed a new strain of "Weeds".

ROLAND GEISER made a million in used car business.

PATRICIA GIBBS  will be "Jerry's"-eyed star of new motion pictures.

ROGER GIBREAL has invented a new clock so he  is never tardy.

PATRICK GIFFORD  is an artist.

LINDA GIGER  still has a "ray" of sunshine about her.

GERALD GILLMING will be a 4-H judge.

LYNN ARLAN GOODELL-Will Lyn still be asking people to vote for his body?

KERRY JAMES HALLOCK will be working for "Robert's" Dairy.

KAREN HANSEN will be a "Beadle" exterminator.

DOUGLAS HARRINGTON has become official Buffalo County dealer.

DIAN HASSEL replaced Barbara Streisand in "Hello Dolly".

MICHAEL HAUFF is playing guitar for "Baby".

CYNTHIA HAYNES is a medical technician at University Hospital.

KEITH HEATON Jr. will be an Olympic runner.

JANE HELLMAN fills the whole pew with Wilsons.

DONALD HENDRICKSON has his own winery.

EVA HIDY is a sargent in the air force.

CHRISTINE HORSLEY is a fashion editor of Seventeen.

JAMES HORTON - professional Volkswagon racer.

MARCIA HOUSE is still correcting a copy.

WANDA HOWARD is a roller skating champ.

RANDALL HUGHES is still remembering Mr. Hawley's Physical Science Class.

BRIDGET IMMING is a woman Dr. at General Hospital.

JEANETTE INGLES- Kind of a Ingaling.

JAMES ISSLER is a road runner.

KATHEY JAHN is still bookkeeper at Unimart.

STEVEN JENSEN just won a professional Bowling tournament.

JON RANDY JESTER is still jesting.

DALE JOHNSON is a college English professor.

JOHNNY R. JOHNSON is now public speaking.

KAREN ANN JOHNSON has become head nurse of the Doctors.

NEIL JOHNSON is the absent minded professor of GonZaga U.

SALLY JOHNSON has received a gold medal in Olympics for diving.

TONYA JONSON will still be enjoying her spirited orange juice.

RONNIE JONES will be bus boy at Holiday Inn.

STEVEN JONES, a connoiseur of great wines was poisoned in Red China.

BRENDA KELLER, an operator for Northwestern Bell, was strangled by her own lines.

LAVERNE KILLION just made a killing with his clarinet solo.

ELIZABETH KIMBALL, brilliant but absent minded heart surgeon.

DOUGLAS KING received a gold cup for 30,000 lb. pig.

SANDRA KNOX inherited 50,000,000 in gold from Uncle Sam because her middle name is Fort.

JOHN KREHMKE found a cure for mono.

DEBRA KRUMBACK goes with "out" a "wig" when with Butterball.

PAMELA KUNKEL - advertising editor of the New York Times.

ROGER LABS is expected to win the role of "Captain America".

DOUGLAS LACY was thrown into the incinerator at Unimart.

STANLEY LAHM won award for Super boy in Superman Comics.

KIM LAMMERS married Jerimiah and lives happily in a muddy sand pit.

RANDY LAMMERS won the Indy 500 with top speed of 25 m.p.h.

JAMES LANGTRY  became a bomber pilot.

DONNA LARSON is head nurse at Medical Center.

GREGORY SCOTT LAWHEAD wanted by the F.B.I. for two overdue parking tickets.

JOHNNY LAWSON has succeeded Evil Knevil since he ran out of broken bones.

MARY BETH (PETE) LEMANOWSKY was arrested by local police for conspiracy to blow up the local Coca Cola plant.                                                                                            

STEVEN LESTER is still trying to get back in to English class.

DARLA LEWIS promoted to Head Meter Maid of Kearney.

THOMAS LINDAU carved a bed for the President of U.S.

MARC LOESCHER - Head football coach for the Los Angeles Rams. 

BARBARA LUTH's theme song is "Rain, Rain go away".

DEBRA LYONS now owns her own coffee shop.

LINDA LYONS is the first woman President.

CHARLES MAHRT  is the shyest chemist in the nation.

MARCELLA MARCUS -Head maid at the pre-historical society building.

STEVEN MARTIN is the first male nurse at the Elm Creek Hospital.

SUZANNE MASON now owns a horse rance.

ANITA MATHENY is now a ski instructor at Sun Light Valley.

PAUL MATUSCHKA is playing with a new group --the "Matuschkas".

LORETTA MAXFIELD is still head typist for fraternities.

MIKE MAXWELL now is in the process of writing his own dictionary.

CHERYL MAYS is now an owner of an auto cemetary.

ARLENE MAZANKOWSKI is the head of her own home nursing class.

CONNIE MAZANKOWSKI was unable to attend due to the fact that the mispelling of her name led the invitation to the wrong address.                             

MONTY MCCOLLOUGH is now a projectionist for M.G.M.

PRESTON MCDANIELS -head cartoonist for New York Times.

PHILLIP MENDENHALL owns his own shoe store so he won't run out.

SANDA MERCER is no longer taking cat naps at county fairs.

NANCY MEREDITH has not summed up her case for her last high school debate.

BETTY JO METHE was elected Miss Mod America.

MARILYN METHE is still checking credit

SALLY METTENBRINK is now head of Lexington Minute Men.

NINA MEUSER is traveling to the moon in self built craft on Biological expedition.

PATRICIA MILLER is now a contender for the Roller Derby.

PATRICIA MINTLING is head nurse at a "Swed"ish hospital.

JIM MONROE is still hunting for lost books so he can check out.

VICKIE MULLEN say's "Those refs still don't ref right".

GARY MURRISH is on an extended tour of Canada by canoe.

TIMOTHY NEAL is going to defy his father and raise cows.

MARIE NEALSON will always be a good driver but under high risks.

JEFFREY NICKEL doesn't have a "nickel" to his name.

EDWARD NOLAN is going to sell motorcycle insurance.

ROBERT NOOTZ is a lawyer for the firm O'Brien and sons.

RANDALL NUTTELMAN promised to cautiously visit friends in Kansas.

DEBORAH O'BRIAN is going to be an Irish Horse raiser.

KATHRYN OLMSTED is court reporter in the Supreme Court.

TERRY LEE OLSEN is head mechanic for Ferrari.

RONALD OSGOOD has joined the Kearney Police Department.

TERRY SCOTT OLSON has investment in a red and green plaid underwear corporation.

DENNIS PACE is still trying to set the pace.

GUILLERMO (WILLIE) PAEZ now admits that Pam's name is Mrs. Guillermo Juan Antonio Paez, Bravos Jonas Diez.

ROBERT PAUL is often seen tracing the isles of Safeway.

SCOTT PECK hasn't missed a meeting in 20 years thanks to schedules written on his Big Chief Tablet.

GLEN PETERS, JR. is now part owner of Tastee Freeze.

DENNIS PETERSEN has won an Olympic medal in Track.

DONALD PETERSON became an architect creating "foam" houses.

MARY JANE PICKETT is throwing a Boston Tea Party.

RHONDA PINKHAM is head chef at Chef's oven.

PAMELA PORTER is head cheerleader for Harlem Globe Trotters.

LINDA POTTER is still "osgood" as gold.

MICHAEL PULS is still trying to find himself in Californis.

ALAN PULVER has replaced Ed Sullivan.

JACQUELINE RANSOM is the world's demolition driving champion.

LINDA REICHENEKER is president of International Order of Candy Stripers.

MAX RICHARDSON is using his strong voice as a Bingo-caller.

TERRY RICHARDSON now chaperones American Study Tours.

MARY RICHTER - The Moore you know her the Moore you like her.

TERESA RICHTER has replaced Helen of "Troy".

MARY RIZER has been voted Booster President of America.

LORI ROBERTS has developed a new "Flash" for her camera.

THOMAS AND TIMOTHY ROEDER have as their theme song "Me and My Shadow".

MARY ROSE is president of First National Bank and part owner of Kaufman and Wernert.

GEORGE LEONARD ROUSE is a champion at playing cat and mouse.

PATRICIA ROUTH is the First lady of Minden.

DANIEL RUBIN is head of the Jewish Synagogue.

KEITH RUBY has replaced Liberace.

RANDI LOUISE RUDE is still working at "Kentucky Fried Chicken".

JOSEPH SAJEVIC is a "Porter" at the Holiday Inn.

CHERYL SCARBOROUGH is working at Baldwin's.

LINDA SCHMIDT is den mother of a "Fox" Farm.

VICKI SCHMIDT  now has a lot to "Bragg" about.

STANLEY SCHRODER "Wilmot" be able to attend.

JAMES SCHROEDER has owned every chicken car in Kearney.

CURTIS SCHUKEI is assistant manager of Boogaarts.

JOIE CHARLES SCHUTT says drive out to Joies' Drive-Inn.

DENNIS SCHUTZ is a motorcycle racer.

SCOTT SCHWARTZ is pursuing.

DENNIS SCOTT has finally converted his brother.

RICHARD SELVAGE has organized a sister team.

RANDALL SEWARD is pumping in the morning and attending Biology classes in the afternoon.

DEBRA SHEA is still working at Ruter's Card and Gift.

DENNIS SHEA is champion dragster on the Riverdale turnpike.

DOUGLAS SIKES is still helping girls in distress.

ERROL SINGH is a professional basketball player.

TRACY ELLEN SISLER is world famous "Baer" hugger.

RUTH SLACK is a working girl with favorite past-time of listening to the radio.

CONNIE SMITH is a beacon for a light house.

DAVID & DOUGLAS SMITH -Their theme song is "Whither Thou Goest I Will Go".

GREGORY SMITH is carryout boy for Fraziers Formals.

NANCY SMITH was just crowned Mrs. America.

TROY SMITH is riding horses at Ak Sar Ben.

RODNEY SNIDER still playing with "Bittersweet Conspiracy".

ANDREW SNODGRASS is the man with the star at Texaco.

ILA SNYDER heads "Cowboy Bob Ellis" Fan club.

WARREN SOLOMON is head singer foe Solemn Song Birds.

TOBIE ANN SPEAK has a different car for every season

RHOND SPELTS  is president of Mother's Council for Y-Teens.

RANDAL STARKEY hurdled to girdle making.

DANNY STEELE has developed a Tin Woman.

GARY STRAATMANN has developed a "stronger than Listerine" kiss wash.

ALAN STUEHM has become a plumber.

KURT STUMPFF has willed his hair to science.

MARVIN STUTHEIT is digging artifacts for the Fort Kearney Museum.

VALERIE SWANSON still isn't going steady.

WANDA SWARTWOOD is organizing FHA clubs in Odessa.

STANLEY TAVENNER runs a towing service.

LYNDA THOMAS is still measuring by the Footes.

DEBRA TROMPKE was always one to "Trump" with a "King".

JACKIE SUE VALENTINE is making up for lost time.

DAVID VANNIER is official mini bike racer.

JAMES VANNORMAN is making suspenders for unwashed Levis.

TERESA VANVLEET is selling dishwashers.

FREDDY VAVRA is assistant manager of "Bob's Kwik Shop".

MONICA WALKER is giving a speech entitled "Safety First".

CANDRA WALLACE is making sour drops.

RHODA WARNKE "Haroled" the return of the Class of "71".

RUSSELL ALLEN WASSON has discovered clay patch for ceramics.

STEVE WEBSTER-Websters' dictionary will never be the same.

CLINTON WELLS never learned to keep his Feet to himself.

DAVID WENDLAND owns a "rent-a-jet to Kansas".

PAMELA WHALEY is having a whale of a time in California.

HARMON SCOTT WHITNEY is still reading a book for English.

MARGARET WHITTLER is traveling around the world.

DENNIS WEITJES is still working on his pottery.

SUZANNE WILHITE is a famous fashion model for Woolworth's.

MARK WILLIAMS is a big businessman.

SONDRA WILMONT is now a "Stan"ding representative for Schroeder & Sons.

GREGORY WILSON is now a sadder Bud Weiser representative.

RANDY WILSON is a graduate from school of Snake Charmers.

RICHARD WILSON is coach of the World Champion "Twins".

MARY WOOD is a private secretary.

STEVE ZEIMS' daughter is now Booster president.

JOAN ZIMMERMAN is hard to recognize from time to time because of change in hair color.